Epilepto Smartwatch

A smartwatch with multiple integrated sensors for real-time detection of seizures followed by automated alert to the caregivers.

Epilepto App

A comprehensive app for self-management of seizures by the patients themselves. Currently under internal testing for both Android and IOS. The Features of the App includes

Seizure diary: To update seizure events happened to the person with Epilepsy.

Medication reminder section: where the user can enter their medicine details. This will set alarms which notify the user to take the medicines at filled timings.

Alert System: Alerts the caretaker when the person with Epilepsy is having any seizure activity or symptoms. An SMS system and an Emergency Call system helps the patient to share their live location to the caretaker.

Seizure Videos and Images of the seizure event can be added in case for future references and for doctor’s check up.

The User can add their caretaker’s phone number and set primary contacts to whom their location should be shared in case of emergency.

Web Application for Community Management of Epilepsy

Check out our Web application here.