Epilepto develops hardware and software products focused on Health and Wearables. We have following offerings.

Epilepto Smartwatch
This is being designed to detect seizures upon their onset and alert the caregivers to assist the patient. Epilepto smartwatch is being developed as an open hardware system that can be scaled to other domains of health-tech research.

Epilepto App
This is an app with features for comprehensive management of epilepsy by patients themselves.

Smartwatch Development Board Ver 1.0.

We also offer our smartwatch platform as a development board for Heath-Tech research, accelerating smartwatch development pipelines, data-collection and electronics hobbyists. Our development boards come with a base firmware code package and quick start documentation. This is currently the most powerful and versatile smartwatch development board available in the market.

Product Development Consulting

We provide services in customized hardware, electronic and software design.