Epilepto Smartwatch

This is one of our flagship products which we designed as an open-platform to enable health-tech research. Epilepto Smartwatch has a host of sensors on it including a Heart-rate sensor, Skin temperature sensor, Skin conductance sensor and a six-axis IMU. It also has an atmospheric temperature and pressure senor and microphone built on it. It has a BLE chip to transfer data over the bluetooth. The Main CPU is RP2040 dual core microcontroller that supports on board machine learning.

The software stack is being developed as an Open-API that can be used by our customers to develop their own applications over our platform.

Currently, Epilepto Smartwatch is targeted at patients of Epilepsy. We have been funded by BIRAC to develop this watch to detect the onset of seizures and alert the caregivers.

Epilepto Smartwatch is a very complex electronic design with twin six-layer PCBs. If you have a complex electronic design requirement that Epilepto can help with, please get in touch with us.

This picture shows the CPU board after manufacturing.

Epilepto App

Epilepto App: A comprehensive app for self-management of seizures by the patients themselves.

The Epilepto App is primarily designed for Epilepsy patients. Epilepto focuses on self management topics such as medication reminders, medication adherence, and seizure diary. The Epilepto team also designed a cloud based emergency call and message system which would send SMS and generate a call to primary caregivers. The patient can save a number of caregiver contacts inside the App. The Emergency service system also detects the present location of the patient and conveys to caregivers. This would help the caregivers to reach patients quickly during the onset of seizures. The medication reminder is designed to generate alarms on exact timings of medicine intakes, which ensures the patient takes the corresponding medicines and follows medication adherence. People with epilepsy can now need not rely on notebooks and papers to note down the seizure events’ details which would help the doctors to prescribe or change the medications. These details can now be saved inside the Epilepto App precisely without the fear of losing important information. The prescription images and details can also be entered and saved inside the application. The Epilepto team got all the necessary assistance and services from neurologists at DMC Ludhiana, which helped to create a medically and technologically sound mobile application. Adding to solving basic problems of epilepsy patients, Epilepto App also provides informational and motivational content. They have also created a chatbot to answer the queries related to epilepsy and seizure. All the features in the application including chatbot are made to avail in 6 languages (English, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu) aimed to reach people with all socio-cultural backgrounds.

Epielpto App was developed by our team over a period of more than one year and is a feature packed design and one of the best apps available for patients of Epilepsy to manage their health.

If you have an App design requirement, please get in touch with us we will be glad to help.